Saturday, September 3, 2011

Would You Fuck Me? I'd Fuck Me

What's we been up to, you ask? Here's a little taste...

I'm leaking this little "B" side for you for labor day or some shit.

If you don't "get it" let me help refresh your memory. (I know drug abuse is hell on recall.)

You can thank Clark for the phone call you can hear in this track. And yes, he really was on the line with the hospital, asking to have his dick removed. A MAN HAS NEEDS, OK?

Last but not least... Here our some of our recent band photos. Don't we look purdy?

Hartman (Leads on "Drawing The Void.")
James (Rhythm, bass)
Johan (vocals)
Marz (fascist dictator)
Clark (hand percussion, inspirational OD's)
Now go and pay 5 measly bucks for an album that'll blow the speakers out of your car, will you?