Monday, September 12, 2011

"Murder The World" in the studio

HoodooEngine is a musical jihad against corporate thoughtforms. We’ll use their tools against them, and drink tequila as the old guard crumbles and topples from its own weight.

As we were in the studio preparing our second album, "Murder The World," James also brought around his hand recorder and chronicled our descent into madness, including some of the tracks in progress as they were at that point (you can hear the finals now on the album). This is it- a 2 part podcast series completely unlike any other podcast you've ever heard.

These recording sessions were a taxing process that involves copious amounts of drugs and self-abuse, so bear with us and check out the album when it’s released as CD if we don’t all OD on cough syrup and fermented yak semen, or invoke a wrathful demon that replaces all of our bodily fluids with nutella.

And of course, the album "Murder The World" digital album: now waiting for final master but already available: