Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HoodooEngine (formerly MTW) in the studio part 2

Professional lunatic James Curcio takes over again for an episode and brings you back into the studio with MTW (now HoodooEngine). This episode takes us even further out of the realm of good taste than the first, through a melange of tracks in progress, various prank phone calls, conversation outtakes, and flat out mind-fucks. Topics include independent music production techniques, catheters as tripping toys, amyl nitrate, psychological malaises of suburbia, voodoo, trickster Gods, and a lot more.

The tracks in this episode are taken from HoodooEngine's upcoming release Murder The World, and two tracks from Captain Zombie, another project being cultured in this dank basement. The outro track is provided by DJ Homicidal Rapist. Check out the albums when they’re released if we don’t all OD on cough syrup and fermented yak semen, or invoke a wrathful demon that replaces all of our bodily fluids with nutella.