Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another hoodooengine review

Hoodoo Engine doesn't fall in with the rest of the "We're so industrial we shit hot rivets" crowd. For a six man collaborative from west Philly they've done a fine job of providing the listener with a nice dose of their angst producing what, in my opinion, is a unique bundle of aural stimulation that either makes you move or makes you scratch your head - then makes you give it another go-round or 10.

Containing nine tracks which come in at under 45 minutes, "EgoWhore" barrels through the collaborative's hive-mind in a fast-paced, take no prisoners manner making for something short, swee to the point and memorable. Industrial enthusiasts will find this quite the satisfying treat in a sea of clone industrial and no hot rivets pooped out. Just solid machinery.

Rä J
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