Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HoodooEngine in Carpe Nocturne Magazine

In the midst of engineering their next epic and sweaty album, HoodooEngine brings heavy words of doom to the masses through a feature in the Spring 2011 Carpe Nocturne Magazine, as follows...


It has only been a matter of months since our strange conglomeration of dubious characters, HoodooEngine, mercilessly ejaculated its first stream of tracks upon the world in the form of EgoWhore. We are only now preparing to open the 9th gate for our next release with the material we've been working on since 2008: Murder The World. Oddly enough, the material for our near-complete second album began over a year before we joined forces to put out our first release as HoodooEngine.

As the title might imply, Murder The World is an incredibly dark trip, one might even say a completely nihilistic one. When we first started working on it, we were deep “under cover” in several corporations, and so maybe you could say the demons we were trying to exorcise (or invoke? I can't tell anymore) were the Corporate egregores that dominate the planet. And if you don't know what that means, don't worry. You will soon enough.

Some of that nihilism comes through the music, and certainly we got to have fun digging into some more intricate metal riffs than we did on EgoWhore. But it comes through most clearly in the lyrics. Acting with our loose guidance, Johan has been channeling some truly horrifying, and dare I say obscure magic. Occultists will probably feel like it's Christmas morning, and all their presents are being handed out by voluptuous green-eyed succubi. But non-Occultists can enjoy it just as much. I mean the flip side is: How many people listen to lyrics these days, right? So you can rock along to the music and have no idea that you're helping us conjure demons that will devour the dominant paradigm in their massive, hungry maws. That's fine. Sing along, kids. Sing along. Master will be pleased.

Seriously though, we think Murder The World will be an experience that twists your mind through the morbid annals of an unholy ultimate destiny. EgoWhore is something you can dance to while starting a revolution and decimating zombies. It has a point, but heavy as it is, it's still a bit more lighthearted than Murder The World, especially with tracks like “Hoodoo Luv” that have prominent crunk chants. EgoWhore is a non-stop progression of hooks and anthems. There's a strong pop structure underlying the album, despite how it doesn't sound too much like pop on the surface. (Thus the title, among other traits.)

A few of the tracks on Murder The World hearken back to that, so we can keep the Gucci Goths happy. But other tracks, like “Drawing The Void” would just melt people's face off on the dance floor. And we all liked Raiders of the Lost Ark but who wants to have their face melted off when dancing? So blast it in your car, on your headphones, or at home on your ridiculously expensive audiophile soundsystem while having rough sex, but for the love of everything unholy, wear the proper protective gear. It might not be a bad idea to draw a circle around yourself, purify your chakras, or at least take a salt bath after listening. Or you know, don't...

We’d also like to point out that while there haven’t been any confirmed injuries from enjoying our music, that doesn’t it can’t happen. Oh, and also be sure not to take us too seriously. Banish with laughter.

Check out for music, releases, and interviews. We especially suggest you look into the podcast that we released with if you want a glimpse at the insanity we conjured up in our basement studio while working on this material.