Friday, October 8, 2010

Reflections of Darkness - Review

HOODOOENGINE’s target is to bring on the psychotic and brain-shattering music to the “dystopian generation”, fusing influences as TOOL, SKINNY PUPPY, KMFDM, MINISTRY (I’d suspect KOMBAT UNIT on the list too, there’s something about drumming that makes me think of FRONT 242 as well) into their unique brewery of sound ready to pummel you out of any comfort zone you might wish to cling to. Your wish is not to be granted and if you’re an experienced psychonaut already, you’re not going to put on a safety belt for the listen to ‘EgoWhore’ anyway.

If you make it to ‘Level 5’ you - the listening intruder - already had been through several confrontations with your screwed self in a screwed up society and had several masks of sanity torn. And if you think of escaping into some weird cults (those with high self-caused mortality in particular) thrown in at ‘Elohim’ beware re-cycled brainwashing will be confronted so you might see the thought perished right there, or at least perishing. Their last ‘Venomous Minds’ should leave you nicely disorientated, very strong and leaves the album on a high. The shreds of death-metal feel to the contrasting vocal here and there were a cool touch to that track too.

I’d have preferred the vocals to be more above the surface of the instrumentation; it’d have been even more of a slaughter of the listener’s senses. Regardless, this is strong enough and you know you deserve it so put them on already.